Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 005820080911

Employees of Panda Gifts, New Orleans, LA

A co-worker who was on a business trip to New Orleans last month brought me back a voodoo doll. It's nice. I keep it on my computer. It looks like this.

The instructions on the tag say that I can "place a personal item (like hair) inside the cloth to capture a part of [a person's] soul." It comes with pins that I can stick into the doll, to cast a spell on that person.

Here's my concern: Do you guys wear hairnets when you put these things together? Because I don't want to stick pins in this thing thinking I'm hurting my boss, when really I'm hurting someone in New Orleans. Y'all have suffered enough.

Mailed: 2009-04-08

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