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Claim No.: 046520090227

The City of Erie, Pennsylvania

The economy is so bad & the labour practices are not upheld. When a man can work his tail off 60 hours a week for a large company like Verizon and then have them fire him after using both his FMLA and his vacation time for the same time period in which he had to take time to tend to his disabled wife there is something wrong with the system.

When it takes a man three hearings with said company via his union to have the company still refuse to admit to wrongdoing and NO ONE, congressmen or other will come to his aid, THIS is a crime.

Now said man is relying on his wife's SSD which is not a living amount in any sense of the word while trying to put a child through university and keep a roof over heads, because the union in question will not push the third hearing into action over one year later, our city needs help!!! It will not be long, especially if GE pulls out (and who would blame them?), before we are just another Allentown.

You can pour millions of dollars into a bayfront that is no more appealing than it was in the first place, this does not help families that are starving and being threatened with eviction not to mention having heat, lights & phone shut off due to not having enough monies.

As a city/county Erie needs to wake up and put the money where it is needed. Their citizens, what is wrong with a hand up? Teach those people who cannot get justice another line of work. Offer FREE University classes to give them a fighting chance before their whole family dies out.

Mailed: 2009-03-20

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