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Alice Waters, Slow Food Nation

I was unfortunately quite frustrated with my experiences at your recent Slow Food Nation festival. Not that the food wasn't was, of course. But the execution was not effective in achieving what I understood to be its outreach and advocacy-building efforts on the part of Slow Food principles.

To me it was a lost, very high profile opportunity to take this movement to the next level by becoming more accessible to a broader audience and civic forum, in order to affect change in the daily choices people make as well as the values that are supported in our communities.

My personal frustration started with a the non-intuitive, not user-friendly nature of the website interface. It continued at a Slow Dinner, which should have felt special and focused, and should have maximized the opportunity to appeal to a self-selected target group, but ended up feeling as if we could have been at any generic dinner event. And culminated in the confounding experience of the Taste marketplace, where the education component was too quiet and the event experience was frustrating to navigate.

Needless to say I was desperately disappointed. I am so bothered by the differential between what it could have been and what it was, that I am completely dedicated to helping make it better in future iterations.

Yours truly, An Impassioned Slow Observer

Mailed: 2008-09-18

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