Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 035920090123

Tim Horton's Head Corporate Office, Oakville, Ontario

I bought a cup of your famous coffee this morning but when I asked for soymilk your employees laughed. When I offered to fill in a suggestion card, they laughed even louder.

You may have Tim Bits, but you don't have soymilk. No Dutchie or Apple Fritter can make up for this. I may be a niche market, but we are at least 500,000 strong, 1.5% maybe now-estranged customers.

While I'm at it, besides the soy milk, please hire employees with more naive trust in bureaucracy and less active levels of cynicism.

Yours Truly,
Customer #433 this morning, at the SUNY Buffalo store location

Mailed: 2009-02-25

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