Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 034320090122

Solly's Bagelry, Vancouver, BC

Dear Solly's Bagelry,

I really love your bagels. I would even go as far to say that they are the best bagels in Vancouver, or BC even, maybe all of Canada. You see, I should know, because I'm from New York, too. It wasn't until after four months of bemoaning the sorry state of bagels in this city that I finally happened upon yours. I go there when I feel homesick and eat a tuna-bagel sandwich and a bowl of matzo ball soup.

Which brings us to my one complaint. Your pickles. I am a ravenous pickle eater. I live for pickles, though in Vancouver they are clearly in the dark when it comes to quality picklecraft. Perhaps I expected too much, what with your otherwise perfect New York-style lunch foods, but hot-pack? Really? Rubbery, translucent pickles? And they kind of taste like lavender, which is interesting but not delicious.

I humbly request that you consider switching to another brand, maybe Claussen or Ba-Tampte. I would ask you this myself, but I saw you one time and you looked scary.

Mailed: 2009-03-04

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