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Claim No.: 028220081230

Treat Salon, Fillmore Street, San Francisco

Natasha Warton gives the best hair cut of any professional I've known. She is extremely talented and I LOVE her. Her services are expensive, but totally worth it. However, I have one major complaint about actually getting into Natasha's chair. For the past few years, I have had different hairstyles, some of which require more maintenance than others. Natasha often gives me a cut that will last months, but my bangs grow out within weeks and I need to have them trimmed.

Numerous individuals who answer your phone have increasingly over the years given me more and more attitude when I try to schedule a "bang shaping" instead of a "hair cut." Today was the last straw. I was told by the woman who answered the phone that actually, I was due for a hair cut and could not book a bang trim because Natasha is raising her prices and is only offering bang appointments to those people who only want to cut their bangs. Natasha cut my hair just three weeks ago and I also paid for a $200 permanent wave. She told me to just come in next time to get my bangs cut. Same salon--two totally different messages!

It is clear that the management at your salon frowns on the less lucrative, 15-minute bang appointment. 1) I pay a fortune for Natasha's services and always tip well. I expect to always be treated with respect and for the people on the phone to be courteous and accommodating. I'm not asking for anything your own employee didn't encourage me to ask for. 2) If Natasha says I should come back in a few weeks for a bang trim, why does the woman at the front desk, who doesn't know anything about me or my haircut, tell me I am due for a haircut? What she's really saying is the salon would like me to pay $100 again, and not $25. 3) Because of the attitude, for a while I was attempting to trim my bangs myself. Natasha told me to stop doing that. Neither way is satisfactory--either I have crappy self-cut bangs, or I have to deal with bitchy people on the phone who make me feel like I'm doing something wrong. 4) What I most want Treat to understand is that those of us who schedule bang trims are not doing so to save money--rather, I just need my bangs cut and nothing more! And if you fail to allow Natasha to provide that service, I'm going to unfortunately have to go elsewhere. I would hope someone in the hair business would understand the intricacies surrounding this issue. Being courteous to me when I need a minor service only means I will be that much more willing to pay the big bucks when it's time for the big stuff.

Mailed: 2009-01-26

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