Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 001320080803

The Mayor of Laguna Beach, CA

The Zoning Board in Laguna Beach allowed a local restaurant to expand even though the additional customers will cause a parking nightmare for a small neighborhood in Laguna. The Zoning Board cares more about the additional tax dollars created by adding seats in a restaurant for tourists than about the residents who live in the community. Acts like this have changed the complexion Laguna Beach and are driving out many of the people that gave Laguna its charm.
The case went all the way to the Mayor and City Council where they voted to allow the expansion. To paraphrase a dissenting opinion, one wise city council member stated that although this expansion follows the letter of the law, the job of the City Council is to protect the spirit of the community and by making this decision the Council is not upholding its promise. The Council was split two votes apiece and Mayor Egly broke the tie in favor of the restaurant over her constituents that she swore to represent. It was a sad day in the OC.

Mailed: 2008-08-27

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