Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 010720081009

New Account Managers, Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Agency, Portland, OR

The most important thing you can do right now to get me to buy the products you're trying to sell? Stop making ads that use fake kid's art.

I understand the temptation: You want clean lines. You want unambiguous colors. You don't want people to have to work too hard to figure out if something's supposed to be an airplane or a hot dog bun. I get it. But, honestly, the very best fake kid's art is, in every way, less compelling than the very worst real kid's art. Trust me on this. If I see one more ad with the triangle dress on the stick-figure girl sporting curly yellow hair, with the sun in the corner, all executed in computer-generated "crayon" mode, I'll vomit on the spot.

Same goes for fake kid's writing, which, if anything, is even more egregious. The backwards "S" isn't cute. It demeans kids and the adults who, through love and blackmail, buy them the crap they ask for.

Mailed: 2008-10-27

All images copyright Tucker Nichols