Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 001020080731

Sunny Valley Motel, Wolf Creek, OR

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I pulled into this motel at around midnight to get some sleep after a long day of driving. The name sounded good and it felt good to support a local business. The woman who checked us in was gloomy and mean, as if under the spell of a powerful witch. When we went around the back to our room, we immediately noticed the large swastika and pentagram burned onto the wall above the bed. The bathroom mirror was cracked and there were pockmarks from lit cigarettes along the bathtub and toilet. There were no sheets. The woman refunded our money without saying a word and we slept at the Motel 6 down the street.

I'm not sure where to begin but I recommend a general refurbish of the rooms as a good start in helping turn the business around.

Mailed: 2008-08-12

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