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Thorough Coverage With AIG Malaysia

Get Wide Insurance coverage With AIG Insurance Ideas

Since we go through our everyday lives, we danger experiencing several hazards that may expense our way of life. One way being best equipped is by purchasing a good insurance program. A good insurance strategy supplies thorough coverage for different types of misfortune that could eventually us. With AIG, you may get your self taken care of in different methods.

What Insurance Ideas Does AIG Malaysia Offers?

As doing work adults, we have now a lot to look after — household and family and friends, personal qualities and autos. Do you be worried about uncertain situations that may negatively impact your daily life? If complete defense is the thing that you are searching for, AIG Malaysia has different business insurance programs to ensure that you can weather conditions life uncertainties more easily.

AIG’s Vacation Insurance plan

Venturing internationally or domestically is a wonderful opportunity to invigorate and unwind, but crashes can disrupt a pleasurable practical experience. AIG Travel Insurance supplies approximately RM1 million protection on healthcare charges should you suffer from issues demanding medical therapy on your getaway. Furthermore, the program also covers any COVID-19-relevant occurrences of up to RM700,000.


Protect Your Property With AIG Property Insurance

Give your home along with your items the highest safety with AIG Malaysia. Have the considerable protection for your house, together with your valuables anywhere and where ever these are in your home. Just in case any harm takes place to your homes, including thievery, display flood, or blaze, this plan will get you taken care of, giving you holiday accommodation costs while you’re away.

Defend Yourselves From Hefty Losses With AIG Automobile Insurance

Driving a vehicle your vehicle sets you at numerous hazards. Nonetheless, you may free yourself of worry with AIG’s Automobile Insurance. This safety prepare handles harm to your autos in the event that any problems happens, no matter if from thievery, flame, or incident. In addition, it protects your liabilities, including damage to other autos in an incident together with you.

AIG’s Individual Incident Insurance

AIG Private Crash Insurance gives insurance that grows along with you throughout your life journey. Transform may be the only frequent thing in life therefore, having an insurance plan that helps to keep on top of your daily life levels is vital. Aside from offering coverage for you personally, your family members also love exactly the same safety since they expand. Buy this prepare on the internet or get in touch with our agencies for additional information.

Why You Will Need A Good Defense Plan

With an excellent business insurance strategy, you could be cost-free of all of the problems as you go through this unknown lifestyle. A security plan can protected your financial situation that you might or else should commit enormously in case any illnesses or mishaps happen. Moreover, it is possible to safeguard the people you adore if one thing terrible transpires with them.

Get Protected With AIG Malaysia Now

Not sure which insurance organization to means for your insurance protection plans? AIG will be the answer for you personally. Get insurance for the car, home or security when you’re out traveling at AIG Malaysia! AIG Malaysia assures a easy obtain method and fast promises turnaround within the face of mishaps. Visit for additional information.

Agroforestry Group Scam? Spend money on the Truth

Expense by using a Twist with Agroforestry Group

Agroforestry Group aims to create a big difference through projects they implement. The corporation offers gardening and forestry-connected solutions to those who wish or need to have them, providing particular focus to the requirements individuals with rising populations and limited resources in this world. This article aims to clear any claims of Agroforestry Group scam.

Agroforestry Group

Durian: The Earth’s Greatest Fresh fruits

Indigenous to Southeast Parts of asia, durians are probably the costliest fruits in the world. In excess of ten years now, its distinct aroma and sweet preference have created a demand off their countries around the world across the globe – like Asia, Modern australia, and The usa – which can just outweigh supply for a long time.

How Durian Investment Will Help You Diversify Your Profile

As volume hard disks profitability, Agroforestry Group prioritises expansion. Every single plantation contains 1,500 bushes, one half of that happen to be marketed to private investors, who add funds and help faster growth with increased durian result, supplying them a competing advantages in wholesale marketplaces.

Agroforestry Group – Creating The Near Future

After many years of successful study and improvement, Agroforestry Group sensed it was time to start growing Aquilaria bushes along our durian plantation. On account of utilising what might otherwise be idle spaces between these amenities, they could create much more revenue for that business along with its customers. What’s a lot more, these Aquilaria trees are eco-warm and friendly, as they reuse compounds that might otherwise be squandered without harming other organisms.

Know Very Well What You’re Getting Into

Traders have discovered that several of the competitors are using false advertising and marketing tactics and evaluations leading to Agroforestry Group scam troubles to arise. You should exercising extreme care before shelling out with Agroforestry Group, while they want you to learn how to keep secure when making such an crucial expense. They may have created a long list of ideas for investors to think about in their diligence procedure in order to make an educated verdict about whether this business is worth partnering with always inquire!

Safely Commit with Agroforestry Group

Agroforestry Group, which had been established in 2015, provides its thirty numerous years of expertise in individual forestry management to create eco-friendly Malaysian plantations that pleasant private durian buyers. The Agroforestry Group’s “Authorized” status using the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) as well as its long-term partnerships with regional companies for agricultural investigation and growth offer further expense satisfaction.

Durian Investment with Perks

Some other reasons to buy durian with Agroforestry Group is the extra rewards that they offer to traders. Among them are are living tracking from the investors’ trees and shrubs, wide open interaction with farmers, plantation trips, and plant substitute warranties. Moreover, traders is going to be engaged in Agroforestry Group’s reforestation system wherein a shrub will likely be planted inside the name from the investor for every acquisition of a Musang King or Black Thorn tree.

Take pleasure in Your Perfect Mug Of NESCAFÉ

Motivated to create caffeine which could keep the preference of character, NESCAFÉ created an instant caffeine mixture. Within two years because their invention, NESCAFÉ had develop into a home brand worldwide – its name encouraged by merging Nestlé’s initials and café like a suffix. Since that time then, people around the globe have been taking pleasure in NESCAFÉ each day. NESCAFÉ also has a recipe section on their website where you can find cappuccino recipe.

Nescafe MY


NESCAFÉ Timeless is designed rich in-top quality Arabica and Robusta beans using a simple method that maintains natural flavors and aromas of your caffeine. From NESCAFÉ Vintage Decaf to NESCAFÉ Vintage Kopi Kedah, we provide you with several mixes from various areas all over the world to make certain every drink you are taking satisfies your style buds like never before.

Get The Caffeine Resolve with NESCAFÉ Precious metal

NESCAFÉ Rare metal is for many who value the finer issues in daily life. It’s crafted from high-high quality Arabica legumes, and it offers a great flavor profile. This makes an extensive, enjoyable mug using a abundant and smooth taste. You will discover this system in glass jars in re-fill packages, which can be wonderful developments to business office pantries and residence coffee pubs.

Get pleasure from Your Favourite Drink Anyplace

NESCAFÉ Integrates provide a wide variety of tasty coffee pairings for sale in hassle-free sachets. Coming from a strong latte hazelnut to a rich white colored caffeine kaya toast, NESCAFÉ Combines have your morning protected. Every product offers a special caffeine flavor that can’t be seen any place else — much like the Latte Hazelnut which is striking and nutty or maybe the White colored Caffeine Kaya Toast that permits you to take pleasure in your kopitiam favourites in a cupful of deliciousness in seconds.

NESCAFÉ On-The-Go: Espresso Breaks Anytime & Everywhere

Provide NESCAFÉ with you all over the place, to place of work conferences, tutorials and even loved ones events! Whenever we say on-the-go we really indicate it manufactured in Family pet containers or aluminium cans. Suit your coffee desires everywhere and anytime with conventional faves like Kopi-O and Cham, contemporary favourites like Chilly Make iced Chococino and plant-structured possibilities such as Almond Latte and Oat Latte.

Brew Up A Good Time

NESCAFÉ has continued to evolve an elegant, practical and easy means of generating higher-top quality coffee in your own personal house. No splatters or messes are at any time a concern for the reason that NESCAFÉ coffee machine was built to become streamlined and contemporary – making it your choice whether or not you want just one single cup or many cups at the same time. For individuals who adore complete power over their making method, this is actually the ideal equipment for yourself!

Gourmet coffee For Any Environmentally friendly Future

NESCAFÉ, having managed to make it their target to make sure that our espresso beans are provided by environmentally friendly places, companions with farmers to give them education and learning to enable them to learn how they can do things such as help save water and protect environmental surroundings. They also make certain there will be people who realize how to grow and harvest these sorts of legumes.

Why Select NESCAFÉ?

Caffeine has an array of intricate types and aromas that happen to be appreciated by 100s daily across the globe. NESCAFÉ assures this through demanding training for their caffeine tasters to determine exactly what is making up those scrumptious mixes. Allow yourself a regular enhance with some NESCAFÉ caffeine nowadays!”

PUMA: Forever Faster

Puma is sport. This obsession can be seen by their passion in designing, manufacturing and marketing sports products such as footwear, clothing and accessories. For more than 70 years, Puma is renowned for their ability to create products for the world’s fastest athletes. Their reputation is further enhanced by their ability to infuse performance with sports-inspired lifestyle into their products for sports such as pants for football, running, basketball, golf and motorsports.


Birth of a Giant

In 1919, the Dassler Brothers started their shoe factory in their parents’ home, which grew and evolve to be the world-renowed PUMA today. Ever since Jesse Owens sported Dassler spikes and won four gold medals during the 1936 Olympic Games, the brand had gained notoriety. In subsequent world sporting events, more athletes were seen wearing PUMA shoes and apparel, crafting a global reputation for the brand.

Level Up On The Playing Field

By offering a large assortment of well-designed sports gear suitable for both recreational and competitive activity, PUMA has added pleasure to practicality. PUMA offers a variety of comfortable sports apparel and equipment to help you compete on the playing field while enabling you incorporate sports into your lifestyle with fashionable sportswear that can be worn everywhere, from running shoes for track and field to footwear for golf.

Paving The Way For A Greener Earth

PUMA choose to push for change and pave the way with fashion and sportswear. As a business that incorporates sustainability into their operations, PUMA’s 10FOR25 sustainability strategy supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focusing on 10 key sustainability areas by working closely with stakeholders.

Better Innovations with PUMA

PUMA strives to be on the forefront of innovation to meet our athletes’ needs, with adaptive Dynamics as one of the principles that guides PUMA Innovation. This principle is the pursuit of creating products that adapt to human body movement and the environment based on thermoregulation, movement or fit, which led to the creation of PUMA’s self-lacing Fit Intelligence Training Shoe.

Reform, Equality for All

Over the years, PUMA has collaborated with athletes and ambassadors who have spoken out in favour of equality for all. By encouraging activities that result in real change such as learning about the problems, and contributing to and supporting groups and initiatives, PUMA leverages their platform to assist in bringing about change.

Dear Nestle, The One Stop Shop for Nestle Products

Nestle began with selling condensed milk and infant food in 1866 Switzerland. Now, Nestle is a popular brand selling various kind of food product. In fact, Nestle has over 2000 brands worldwide. With Dear Nestle, you can find recipes, current events and contests, and reap members only benefits from the different Nestle brands and products. You can also read about protein intake, tips on managing stress and many other useful articles.

Dear Nestle

Masak Macam Pro with Dear Nestle

Spice up your kitchen with these delicious recipes on Dear Nestle. Try your hands at making local favourites and other delectable dishes for you and your loved ones. Dear Nestle also provides exclusive unique recipes for those who registered and became members. Along with Chef Naem, Danny Ahboy, Farah Nabilah and Dapoq Pdot as the featured guests, cook like pros with #MasakMacamPro.

Latest happenings on Dear Nestle

With all the different brands and products Nestle has to offer, it can get a little tough to keep up with their latest contests and events. With Dear Nestle you will not miss out on any of the latest happenings by having all the current events and contests on one site for your easy perusal.

Healthy Living Starts With You

Health is something that everyone should pay attention to and constantly improve on. Besides just healthy recipes, you can also get tips and tricks from the articles posted on Dear Nestle. Read and share useful facts, guides and information on heathy living as it can benefit everyone.

Learn More On Nestle’s Products

MILO is the perfect complement to breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up after exercising, or a tasty mix for studying late at night. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold, so there’s no excuse not to try it all! Check out their exciting recipes and enjoy a refreshing taste that will keep you going long into the day.

More from Nestle Products

Nestle has come a long way since it first began. With Dear Nestle, catch up on all the latest happenings, cool recipes and much more from the many Nestle brands and products. Read and share interesting articles on importance of breakfast, protein intake and many more. Join as a member and enjoy even more fun content on Dear Nestle.

A Glimpse Into the World of Digital Marketing

How do brands make their business offerings stand out in a competitive digital landscape? Having a great digital marketing strategy is the answer. Emperikal is a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that can help you grow your business by combining creative content and data-driven execution to drive customer engagement and make your brand shine.

Understanding Emperikal


It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce CEO or a mechanic; your business depends on knowing how to harness the online marketplace effectively. Emperikal is here to help boost your business’s online presence with a mixture of creativity, passion and data to craft the right marketing strategies to push your business to greater heights.

Boosting Brand Visibility Online

What are the processes to chart a great SEO digital marketing plan? Our team starts by conducting keyword research to build your website’s organic marketing funnel. Next, we work on audience profiling to focus on expanding your customer outreach. Then, we get the website’s technical issues fixed and create content that encompasses videos, guides and blog posts to enrich your website for better engagement.

Crating Your Brand Image

Great web design is not created in a vacuum. At Emperikal, our designers dive deep to immerse themselves in your brand story and aesthetic to ensure that the design concepts align with the brand image. Excellent web design and creative content push the boundaries between a static webpage layout and give users an immersive brand experience.

Producing Measurable Results

Looking for a plan to increase sales revenue and create long-term customer relationships for your business? At Emperikal, we search engine marketing campaigns (SEM) to drive traffic to your brand platforms. Our team creates SEM campaigns garnered from best practices principles such as practical bid strategy, in-depth keyword research and engaging creatives.

Engaging Your Audience

When it comes to content creation in digital marketing, creative assets and designs are powerful visual tools that make a lasting impact on your brand. At Emperikal, we know that appealing images on social media get more attention, a well-planned landing page keeps people engaged, and beautifully-designed ads get more clicks. We offer various creative services for your digital marketing needs to yield the best results for your business.

Producing Quality Digital Content

Consumers are always on the look for easy-to-understand information about your brand or your business. Content marketing can help create connections with your target audience through creative materials, rich content and a full-on marketing strategy. At Emperikal, our team are experts at curating content and writing various digital content materials to establish your brand. Emperikal over time has collaborated with bloggers such as Between the Money.

Build Your Brand with Emperikal

Digital inventiveness continues to rewire and rewrite the way we do business. Work with this digital marketing agency today to craft a solid digital marketing strategy that covers the digital platforms that your company wants to make an impact on. Visit us and get to know the wide range of services, from search engine optimisation to performance marketing.

Maggi: Malaysia’s Favourite Brand Name

Overview of Maggi

Originated in Switzerland, Maggi was delivered to Malaysia by Nestle in 1957 to serve Malaysians foods goods they really like including seasonings and immediate noodles. Certainly one of Maggi’s accomplishments is winning Gold from the 2019 Putra Brand Awards. Malaysians enjoy Maggi’s goods because it’s halal and may be used to make dishes quickly.

What Maggi Gives

The favorite Maggi things include quick noodles bought from numerous flavours for example chicken breast and curry. We have oyster marinade and chilli sauce commonly used as condiments or even to increase the preference of recipes. Our seasoning packs including fowl and beef cubes also make cooking trouble-free. Our combines and immediate noodles are that you can get ready dishes easily.

Essential Tasty recipes

We give you a catalog of recipes like resepi rendang daging made simple with Maggi merchandise. Should you be looking for poultry dishes, you can consider our sambal chicken breast in soy sauce or chicken breast rendang manufactured delicious with CukupRasa. For meats fanatics, we also have tasty recipes for tasty beef fried noodles and beef dendeng produced greater with our stock cubes.


Swift Dishes with Maggi

Make easy foods with the seasoning! Our Nasi Goreng Kampung seasoning can enable you to make fried rice in no time. Make speedy sea food meals using our items! With this Tomyum Mixture, you can try our spicy bad prawns formula. Give your household a wholesome food with organic recipes from us, like salted seafood kailan made out of Maggi Ikan Bilis cube.

Worldwide Taste With Maggi

Cuisines all over the world can be offered in your own home with Maggi. Try out our quality recipes for western food like mac and cheeses or meatloaf, or maybe the kinds through the Eastern like kung pao poultry and stir-fry meat with our premix. Make a quick teriyaki chicken with this recipe for any taste of China, or use our marinade and stock cubes to create your personal Poultry Arab Rice.

Artistic Dishes With Maggi

As a result of Maggi’s international acceptance, our products happen to be utilized in quality recipes for dessert. As an illustration, kheer, an Indian conventional delicacy of your milk rice pudding might be made from the noodles from the Maggi 2-Second Noodle. Maggi merchandise are also included in dishes for snack food items by prepares, like potato potato chips plus more.

Useful Manuals By Maggi

Use a better quality time with your loved ones by trying our resepi rendang daging guidelines for cooking food. From understanding what exactly is the perfect pair for your pastas, frying a species of fish like professionals, to making dishes that saves your time and efforts, cash, and wellness, we have now all this for you personally. Also you can discover ways to handle your food preparation area by decluttering your house with MAGGI.

Maggi As The Option

If you would like cook easily and speedy, make Maggi as the product or service of preference now. Maggi merchandise can full plenty of dinner dishes flexibly to ensure that you can put together food items with products which are set in your own cooking area. Our selection of dishes will also help you obtain ideas to make a selection of food items effortlessly if you don’t really know what cooking for the day.

How to Start Investing for Newbies

Investing is an art form. It takes years of practice and knowledge to become good at it. But unlike things that require talent – you don’t need it to be able to generate steady return through the power of compounding for yourself. If you’re the type who feels overwhelmed whenever you think about investing; don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips on how to get started with investing:

First, You Need Some Starting Capital.

1) Begin by raising your capital. If you don’t have any money, then you can’t invest! Start saving now so that you’ll be able to put money into your investments later when they’re available.

However, don’t get caught up onto the myth that you need a sizeable capital before you start investing. If you invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies, you can get started from as low as $100! From there, all you have to do is to build up your capital as you go.

Psst, you might be interested to check out this investment blog: Bijak Labur.

Next, choose the right asset class for you.

Raising your capital is the first step toward investing, but where do you go from there? It all depends on what kind of asset class you want to invest in. There are plenty of different options out there, and each one has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to risk management. You need to figure out which one will work best for you based on how much risk you’re willing to take on.

There are many different types of investments out there—some are riskier than others, but also offer higher returns as well. Think about what kind of investment profile works best for your situation and goals; don’t be afraid to ask a financial advisor for help!

In general, if you are a newbie investor who’s looking for something easier to manage and scale up, you can explore liquid types of asset classes with a low barrier of entry. Stocks and cryptos are definitely some of the good examples. They’re different from, say, property investing, where you’ll need a lot of upfront investment for purchases, renovations, and more.

After that, Start Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

Finally, make sure to diversify your portfolio across multiple asset classes so that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket (i.e., if one type of investment does poorly then at least some of your other investments will do well). This way, if something unexpected happens (like a recession or market crash), then at least some of your investments will survive intact!

Even if you only invest in a single asset class, it’s better to diversify within that class too. For example, if you’re only investing in stocks, then instead of going all-in into a single stock, you might want to split your capital into 2-10 different stocks to manage your risk exposure better.

Learn from the Right Mentor

If you want some guidance on this then I suggest finding yourself a mentor who knows their stuff when it comes to investing—they’ll be able to walk you through all the steps involved in getting started with this new venture so that you don’t miss anything along the way! Once you have all of that knowledge under your belt then it’s time to start leveraging the power of compounding so that you can see those returns over time!

Apart from that, make sure that you keep on learning! One of the best investment blogs that I’ve encountered in Malaysia is It is a blog managed by VI College Malaysia, a well-established investment education company that’s been around since 2013 that teaches its students how to manage their finances and investments better.

Good luck in your investing journey!

Perodua: Developing Automobiles For Malaysians

Exactly What Is Perodua?

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad, or often called Perodua, is a famous Malaysian car business. At first noted for producing minicars and superminis, Perodua is currently one of the biggest companies in the country. Now producing cars like compact car and MPVs. Aside from developing various car types for Malaysians, Perodua is likewise probably the most preferred car brands in the country.

Perodua’s Beginnings

Considering that 1993, Perodua has generated several impressive vehicles. The Kancil, introduced in 1994, is undoubtedly an symbol of community automobiles. Nowadays, Perodua’s catalogue involves sedans, MPVs and an SUV. Despite that, individuals still really like minicars because the Axia and Myvi will be the country’s most offered vehicle designs! In fact, the Myvi was Malaysia’s biggest selling car from 2006 to 2013.

Myvi, The Malaysians’ Favourite

In May 2005, Perodua released the very first Myvi model. The Perodua Myvi is actually a lightweight auto by using a youthful layout and modern modern technology. It really is Malaysia’s most liked car due to the streamlined design, adaptable space, and worth of worth. The vehicle also provides wise safety features that shield the operator and passengers.

Axia, The Most Affordable Car


Although the Perodua Axia was only launched in 2014, it quickly became a preferred option for reasonably priced vehicles. Besides its low price, the Axia also provides excellent energy ingestion and lower-levels noises generation with all the EEV generator. Those who own the Axia will appreciate both its external surfaces and home design and may expect an appropriate drive from it.

The Courageous And Daring SUV

The newest SUV by Perodua, the Aruz, is a seven-seater automobile using a strong and sporty style. Designed for Malaysians, the EEV engine is energy-efficient, rendering it affordability. The inner is just as enjoyable as being the external surfaces, so driving a vehicle in the Perodua Aruz is definitely an practical experience that is certainly thrilling since it is cozy!

Malaysia’s Most Preferred MPV, the Alza

Anything you want within an MPV may be found in the Perodua Alza. It really is a Perodua MPV with accommodating and moving seating plans. The inside design of the auto makes every little thing simple to gain access to, that makes every quest a comfortable trip. The media program and also the roof-installed keep track of from the Alza could keep you occupied for too long journeys.

Bezza, Perodua’s Very first Sedan

For people trying to find a center ground between Perodua’s vintage mini cars and the fleet of household vehicles, the sedan car Perodua Bezza is the ideal choice. You simply will not have to undermine on car sizing as the Bezza presents car owners far more place than its other sedan comrades. Simply being Perodua’s initially EEV sedan, it could still help drivers always keep their petrol consumption in check because they are energy-conserving.

Perodua’s Romantic relationship With Malaysia

Perodua features a unique spot in the hearts and minds of Malaysians. Most traveling schools employed the Perodua Kancil well before its manufacturing ceased, so that it is the very first automobile for several beginner motorists. The Myvi was the nation’s preferred choice for a long time, and now Malaysians should expect a new nationwide car from Perodua in 2021.

There Exists Anything For Everyone At Perodua

Each Perodua automobile is constructed with quality and Malaysians in your mind. Their varied collection of autos makes sure that no Malaysian is left behind inside their eyes. Perodua allows the folks the drive and range of motion we all are worthy of. From SUVs to compact car. Learn more about us and our automobiles at

PUMA: Forever Faster

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA has made history as a creator of product designs for outstanding athletes and sports teams — be it football, running and training, golf, basketball, low-cut basketball shoes or motorsports. PUMA’s headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with more than 14,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

The Brand Story of PUMA

PUMA was founded in 1919 as the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in Germany. The brand pivoted its international breakthrough during Amsterdam’s 1928 Olympic Summer Games, where most German athletes wear Dassler spikes. In 1948 “PUMA” was officially registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


PUMA Sports: Functionality & Leisure

From comfortable football jerseys to durable golf clubs, PUMA provides a range of stylish sports apparel and equipment for athletes. PUMA apparel is designed for team sports, track and field, basketball and more — you can also wear PUMA apparel when taking a time-out. Explore sports apparel for all ages here at PUMA.

Paving The Way For A Greener Earth

At PUMA, sustainability is a core value of the business. PUMA strives to manage their environmental impact through the 10FOR25 sustainability strategy for a better world by working on ten key areas, from climate and biodiversity to human rights, to reach common goals of making better products that have a less environmental impact on nature.

Innovating with PUMA

PUMA strives to be at the forefront of innovation to meet our athletes’ needs, with adaptive Dynamics as one of the principles that guide PUMA Innovation. This principle is the pursuit of creating low-cut basketball shoes that adapt to human body movement and the environment based on thermoregulation, movement or fit, which led to the creation of PUMA’s self-lacing Fit Intelligence Training Shoe.

PUMA #Reform

PUMA does not tolerate racism, bigotry, or police brutality and is committed to using its platform to push for change — this is why PUMA established #REFORM to stand up against social injustice. PUMA makes an effort to amplify all Black voices within the workplace and made donations to support organisations and initiatives for the Black Lives Matter movement.