Anonymous Postcard: About

Anonymous Postcard is a suggestion box for the world, designed to allow anyone to openly communicate to a third party without the complications of personal contact. Claims submitted by the public are turned into vague and largely indecipherable postcards and mailed toward appropriate recipients.

Tucker Nichols created Anonymous Postcard in August 2008 with his friend Dakin Hart. Tucker is represented by ZieherSmith Gallery in New York, and lives near San Francisco. For more information, go to

How does it work?
Anyone who wants to express feedback to any third party submits a claim. Claims can take the form of praise, suggestions or criticism. We process the most compelling claims by turning them into postcards and then figure out the best person to send them to. We post images of what we sent along with the original claim in the gallery.

Where do the claims come from?
Regular people from all over the world.

Who decides where the postcards get sent to?
Our research department, with help from Google.

Do the recipients ever respond to the postcards?

Can you send one to me?
No. But you can see more of Tucker's work and find links to his galleries here.

I received a postcard--what does it mean?
Find your postcard in our gallery, where you can read the claim that inspired it.

I received a postcard--how can I respond?
Change your bad habits; keep doing the good things. Either way, we'd like to hear your side of the story: Eventually we will post your response.

I submitted a claim--why haven't you processed it?
Anonymous Postcard was founded as a civic service--we typically avoid inside jokes and personal claims. Mostly though we just have a lot of claims, and there are some really good ones ahead of yours.

How do you make money doing this?
We can't. But you can help us by sending stamps.

What are people saying about Anonymous Postcard?
Funny you should ask: Very Short List, The Rumpus, KQED, SwissMiss, 7x7. The Best American Non-Required Reading 2009, edited by Dave Eggers, featured a number of claims as well.

I have another question.

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